5 Benefits of GNSS In Construction


That Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) can be used extensively in civil construction projects cannot be overemphasized. Wikipedia says “Heavy equipment can use GNSS in construction, mining and precision agriculture. The blades and buckets of construction equipment are controlled automatically in GNSS-based machine guidance systems. Agricultural equipment may use GNSS to steer automatically, or as a visual aid displayed on a screen for the driver. This is useful for controlled traffic and row crop operations and when spraying. Harvesters with yield monitors can also use GNSS to create a yield map of the paddock being harvested”. (GNSS APPLICATIONS)


  1. Repeat Clients and Increased Volume of Jobs

The first benefit is saving in execution time of project. It means project is delivered on time which in turn creates good relations with the clients/project owners. The second benefit is that there is good workmanship observed as the program of works and the design itself are combined and pre-loaded in the construction equipment. This makes the clients happy and sets the contractor apart for getting referrals and repeat contracts from the same clients and the referrals (Construction Project Planning and Monitoring Services).

2. Quality Analysis & Control

Because of using a design pre-loaded in the machine, it means therefore that the quality of the work produced will be according to the design. A contractor in this age cannot afford to miss out on this as a good job sells the company. The members of the public too will always be happy and highly appraise the contractor. This is what could make the difference between a contractor who gets a repeat job/contract and one who is blacklisted or never given a job at all-QUALITY

GNSS Make your work easy!

3. Economical Use of Resources

The third benefit is critical as it could have been considered the first, which is cost. The GNSS system brings organization that save on project implementation time in return saving the contractor costs. Also, either the contractor will reduced the skilled man force (which is a disadvantage to the employees) or the contractor may decide to segment the works meaning the many personnel will be spread into different sections working faster simultaneously and efficiently thus leading to cost reduction as a whole. With augmented GNSS, costs savings of up to 20%-40% have been achieved (ACIL ALLEN CONSULTING PTY LTD, June 2013). This simply means that in the future, this technology would cut up to 50% of the project implementation costs. See Our Products & Services

4. Planning for Time & Cost Saving

The fourth benefit to the contractor is in planning (Contact us for Construction Project Planning) the works so that project implementation becomes accurate and without errors.

This also goes into saving in costs as there will be no repeat works. When systems are working as planned, there is overall improvement on safety to the workers. The environmental factors so incorporated into the machine too are well taken care of and thus minimal or no adverse environmental effects experienced when a contractor incorporates GNSS.

5. Asset Management

The last thing which is critical to an investor is asset management. Application of GNSS puts asset management in the hands of the Contractor. It does not matter which part of the world the contractor is, he will be able to monitor and supervise his works like he were present at the site.

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